Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dragon flies

I made this blog name for A friend here in Luxor
and will be putting her craft shop gallery on soon,
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They are inundating the field again and I went out to get some photos of the Cattle Egret that comes as soon as the water appears on the land.

There are hundreds of these tiny butterflies around at the moment getting a photo close enough to get a shot of the wings open is nigh near impossible. but try I will just have to be patient.
All of thes photos are within 100 yards of my flat and took about half an Hour of my Time'
notice the difference in the two date trees,kept and unkept that never prodeces as much dates.
just 200 yards from here there is a workshop that makes chairs etc from the branches.

then there are these beautifull dragonflies that are always around wherever there is water.

Take a photo of me too . this was a tiny creature that landed on the stair rail when I was coming back to the flat.

One is taken on the telephone line with a sky background. the dark blue is the balcony cieling to to one of the flats. I try not to touch my photos up, I have the latest photoshop for creating multiple photos for web sites etc. none of my blog photos have been touched up. and is getting rather crammed so I am going to move all the wild life photos on here,